Testing terrain for the skilled rider and easy going for the novice rider - we have plenty of land to play with suitable to every ability.

1 hour session - £40 per person -  Ride though our mature woodlands, water splashes, fields, mounds and mud slides.

30 minute taster ride - £30 per person - Field ride.

10 minute (7 -10yr olds) - £10 per person - Smaller quads on the inflatable track course.

(All rides include a full safety briefing)

Specials; Look out for our promotions on our Facebook page for discounts and any special locals rates.

What to Expect

On arrival at the centre you will be greeted by our instructor who will sign you in and kit you out with your safety gear.
  • A brief safety talk on how to ride the quad safely and how to operate it, is given.
  • Progression to our training circuit, where you will ride under the supervision of your instructor on a one to one basis until you are happy with the controls and feel of the quad.


When all of group have competed this, it’s on to the fun of the trek!

Your Instructor will lead the Trek on one of the number of trails around fields, through tunnels along tracks and around woodlands.

Clothing and Footwear

We are an outdoor activity centre, so please dress for the weather.

For wet and cold days you will need warm layers of clothing, gloves are recommended.

Strong footwear or boots are essential. No laces and/or open toed shoes ie sandals or flip flops are not suitable.


Overalls, helmets and protective clothing is provided.


Quad Treks are led by experienced instructors and Escorts.


Combining excellent serice and laughs, your in great hands!