All safety equipment and protective clothing is provided. Quad Treks are led by experienced instructors and Escorts. While our Treks are as safe as they can be given their inherent physical dangers, it MUST be understood that all safety instructions, directions, warnings and all other instructions must be followed at all times during your time at Mullacott Quads. You must listen carefully to all of the safety instructions and ensure that you are wearing any safety equipment or clothing properly. You must not attempt to go beyond your capabilities or engage in risky or daring behaviour other than what is involved in the activity itself. You will be asked to sign a Disclaimer. If you are in any doubt about your suitability to participate, you must seek guidance from your GP prior to making a booking. Our Treks have a lead Escort for groups of up to 4 riders. Groups of 5 – 10 there will be a lead Escort and a Tail Escort to ensure your safety. All Treks operate in single file. Speed will be kept to 5mph, the slowest rider governs the pace.
EXCLUSION: Mullacott Quads reserved the right to refuse any participant to the booked activity if in the Managements or Instructors opinion the participants are under the permitted age, are unfit to take part in the activity because of physical or mental impairment, be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have arrived  too late to take part in the Safety Briefing, considered a danger to themselves & others or displaying aggressive or abusive behaviour (verbal or physical). If any of these occurrences apply, the booking will have been deemed to have been cancelled without refund. There are no exceptions.